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The Academic & Industrial Cooperation Section (AICS) is in charge of various internal/external academic and industrial cooperation project promotion and information services for academic researches. AICS’s primary responsibilities include assisting instructors with the application and implementation of various research projects, patent application, technology transfer, instructors’ research result and project incentives in addition to facilitating the foundation of various cross-domain R&D institutions and the promotion of relevant affairs.

The AICS is allotted with a section chief, who shall be responsible for the planning and supervision of relevant affairs along with the coordination of cross-department coordination and the promotion of internal integrated research projects, academic and industrial project coordination, and activity planning and promotions. The Section also has two staffs that will be responsible for carrying out various academic and industrial cooperation projects/academic research services and so forth.

In the foreseeable future, the AICS shall continue to adhere to TUT’s emphasis on “cultural innovation” by motivating instructors to boost their R&D energy and creating an ideal platform for academic and industrial cooperation so as to create more opportunities for instructors, relevant government agencies and the sector to engage in research projects, collaborations and professional services.

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